I Live in Brooklyn

Heavy, actually. We finally moved to Brooklyn, and are almost moved in to our place. It took five months to get it fixed up (meaning painted) and we should have a working kitchen before the end of February. Sorry for the radio silence, but it’s been hard to get connected (and hard to find a place for a good shower).

In fact, we went to stay up at my mom’s house for shelter without plaster dust, and the recent snows demolished her roof just a few hours after we got there. The insurance company sent workmen to cut open the walls and ceilings and install giant heater/fans. Her place is looking worse than ours.

Work still proceeds – and I’ll post some specifics and thoughts, shortly. The NYU Class is going well, as is the new Frontline documentary, Club ZeroG (a graphic novel), PsychicTV rehearsals, and some little talks I’ve been doing here and there. I’ll get details on all that posted, shortly, too.

In the meantime, I’ll contemplate being a resident of the outer boroughs for the first time, and experience what it’s like to sleep off the grid (Manhattan) for a few nights.

If you’re bored, check out the discussion on the Rushkoff Class board. Next week, we’re doing McLuhan.