I’m Speaking in Brooklyn this Thursday Evening

Barring catastrophe, I’ll be speaking in Brooklyn this Thursday evening, September 24, 7:30 kicking off a new series of talks at The Change You Want to See Gallery in Williamsburgh: 84 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

From the series description: “If advertising is the engine of capitalism, then brands are its symbolic currency. Branding is a complex communications system of signifiers that leverages psychoanalytical principals of irrationality and desire. As activists and socially engaged cultural producers we recognize the problems associated with a culture designed around consumption. Unlimited growth in a finite ecosystem is a recipe for global catastrophe. The practice of branding is a central force driving the system towards its inherent limit. How are we to respond?”

Speakers coming up in the series after me include Stuart Ewen, Stephen Duncombe, and Steve Lambert.

I think I’ll talk about the over-branding of movements, and my strong preference for “fractavism” scaled to real people living in real places but capable of creating systemwide change when it’s necessary.

This will be streamed live at http://livestream.com/notanalternative