I’m Teaching a Course

For those of you who always wanted to take a course with me but don’t go to NYU, or who go to NYU but aren’t in my department, or who ARE in my department but have come to realize that I haven’t been teaching there for a while, this is for you:

I’m teaching a course through a distanced learning site called Maybe Logic Academy – where Robert Anton Wilson used to teach everything from James Joyce to economics theory.

My course, Technologies of Persuasion, is beginning in just two weeks. I haven’t promoted it anywhere – I just haven’t had time or energy these days to do more than what’s right on my plate – so this should be a small and intimate group. And it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than paying for NYU.

Plus, we’ll get to be a little crazier than people are generally allowed to get in a college seminar room, with some no-holds-barred discussions on how media and technology shape the way we think, and why we seem to remain so pitifully unaware of the biases of the media we use.