In Stock Trades (

FYI – I just found this site that sells tradepaper comics collections at a considerable discount. 35% below Amazon. Here’s the link to by the first trade paperback collection of Testament for $6.49 instead of 9.99.

Meanwhile, I’m finally working down the email cue – it had gotten up to 4100 emails in the “to do” folder. So if you’ve emailed me in the past few weeks and haven’t heard anything, you should by the end of today.

As for the good news, I’m finally emerging from ‘overwhelmed’ and moving into ‘simplification.’ I took my friend Nicholas’s advice, and have changed default settings to “no.” I’m reducing my ongoing projects to just three, and setting a more reasonable schedule for travel and talks. Speaking at conferences is both inspiring and renumerative – but the psychic and physical toll, especially now that you can’t even bring water onto a plane, is really too high to justify the time away from the baby. So I’ll be moving around less but, hopefully, pushing out more for you to read.

My main projects will be:

1- Testament, which you know about.

2- My new column in Discover magazine (the first one is on the shelves this week)

3- A new comic project, that I should able to announce in the next month or so.

4- Longterm, a disseration and book on media, literacy, and programming.

This also means a whole lot less time for teaching. I’ve dropped down to adjunct status for Fall, and may not teach much at all for a while after that. If I can spare the time and earn enough on my regular projects, I’ll still dedicate as much time as possible to teaching – which I see as an important public service. But I may not do it at an institution as private and expensive as a regular university. Stand by for more on that when I’ve got time.

Finally, the Middle East. Sorry for not posting – a few hundred of the emails this month were asking for public statement on the latest battles. I’m more concerned about the deaths than I am the nation state issues; chalk that up to my being a father, now.

For a smart response, however, check out what my haver, Dan Sieradski,

is organizing in Israel to benefit victims on all sides of the conflict.