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Riding Out the Credit Collapse

Arthur Magazine, Spring 2008 There’s two kinds of people asking me about the economy lately: people with money wanting to know how to keep it “safe,” and people without money, wanting to know how to keep safe, themselves. Maybe it’s the difference between those two concerns that best explains the underlying nature of today’s fiscal […]   read more »

No Money Down

Rushkoff on the rigged credit system Originally published in Arthur Magazine No. 31, Oct 2008by Douglas Rushkoff I poked my head up from writing my book a couple of months ago to engage with Arthur readers about the subject I was working on: the credit crunch and what to do about it [see “Riding Out […]   read more »

CNN: Privacy Bill Won’t Mean Marketers Can’t Find You

With their “Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2011,” John Kerry and John McCain proposed this week to limit the sale and sharing of our sensitive information between companies. It’s a quaint idea, even a good one, but overestimates government’s ability to reverse the way marketers have worked for almost a century. While data collection online […]   read more »

The Daily Beast: iPhone’s Bad Business

What a difference a little update makes. Users of Apple’s iPhone models 3G and earlier got a rude awakening at work this past week: Their phones no longer work with their office’s email systems. It seems the culprit is the latest software update, 3.1, which—to make it simple—has forced Apple to now admit that it […]   read more »

Banks are Central

I’ve got very little time today, and I’ve been writing a whole book on this subject – but to answer the many questions I’ve been receiving about the current economic situation, let me explain really briefly what has been going on. The mortgage/credit crisis was created by a SUPPLY SIDE GLUT, not a high demand […]   read more »