Interview Me!

For anybody interested, there’s a contest at a site called for free books and an opportunity to interview me for your own blog and for, a new site which seems to be getting some attention.

Could be a good opportunity for a fun interview, as well as a chance to get a decent clip

The contest is announced at:

“Hell Yeah” and “Amen”! That’s how one reviewer over at the Brazilian River felt when reading this book. My reactions were more like “You tell ’em Douglas” and “Man, this is freaking sweeeet”! Either way, with Get Back in the Box: Innovation from the Inside Out, Douglas Rushkoff takes his typically fantastic writing style and combines it with business insight, thus creating a book destined to make you shake, hurrah, and cackle with inspired excitement.

The Offer: First of all, if you are unfamiliar with Douglas Rushkoff, take ten minutes when the boss isn’t looking and check him out. It is worth your time to familiarize yourself with him. Here’s his main page, blog, and bio. Secondly, not only am I giving away 20 copies to you great and loyal readers, but one of you will get to pick Mr. Rushkoff’s brain in email interview, post it on your blog, then I’ll link from here…..and maybe I’ll convince Todd to do the same.