I’ve been doing lots of interviews, lately. Two or three per day, mostly by email. And about all sorts of different things. Here’s an excerpt from one that just got posted, about Club Zero-G, at Newsrama.

How did Rushkoff return to comics, like so many lapsed readers before him? “A friend from San Francisco told me that I had been quoted in Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles. I started reading him after that, and we eventually met up and confessed we were each other’s fan. My friendship with Grant is probably most responsible for getting me interested in actually writing for this medium.”

So what can readers expect from Club Zero-G, his first foray into the form? “I guess what they can expect is an argument for open source reality; for the idea that we are creating the reality we are living in. I see comics as a safe haven for mythic constructs – for stories in which we can create allegories for really big ideas. They’re our society’s equivalent of the Bible, really, or of shamanic storytelling. It’s a freeflowing dreamspace, where very iconic and symbolic things can take place. So I’ve ended up using the medium to tell a story about reality as a dreamspace,” he says. “Which I honestly think it is, anyway.”