Life Inc meets MadMen

I haven’t been posting a lot of the interviews and reviews of my latest activity – mostly for lack of time. Janine and I have managed to get most of them up in the appropriate sections on this site. But I want to start sharing some of the interesting ones – both positive and negative.

While some reviewers from the Financial Times to Facebook get stuck on the fact that person still living in a first world nation (me) could have the audacity to criticize the process through which colonialism and, later, corporatism exploited people and the planet (if not we, then who?), writers in those regions are much more sympathetic.

Here’s a piece from a business publication, Gulf News, inspired at first by the Colbert appearance – but later by MadMen.

This guy gets it – and he’s writing for a business publication, the Gulf News.

Gulf News

“So after all the bailouts and the restructuring plans, we will be asked to go out there and buy new stuff again – just as we are being asked now to buy old stuff on discount. And so the idea that politicians and business owners are actually able to call on the public to “go out there and support the economy” is a very strange notion.

This is because the economy’s role, in addition to a number of things, is to essentially reflect the interests and preferences of the general public in commerce and trade on one hand and the corresponding entrepreneurial capacity to recognise and service those interests and preferences i.e. demand and supply.”