Life Inc. – Please Pre-Order

Life Inc.Life Inc: How the world became a corporation and how to take it back, is done, and ready for pre-order from your favorite online or offline bookseller.

Why am I asking you to pre-order my book right now?

First, because the book is relatively cheap right now. About ten bucks off at the big distributors. Second, and most important for me and the book, pre-orders determine how many copies get into the stores. And the more copies that get into the stores, the more books will get read, the more radio shows I get on, and the more people find out that there are alternatives to corporatism.

Ironically, perhaps, we are using the corporatized book distribution scheme to promote some post-corporatist ideas. And yes, I promise these ideas will get out there one way or another, either through my radio show, online forums, public appearances, or this blog.

But the book explains the history behind corporate-sponsored crisis in which we have found ourselves: who invented the economic rules we now take for granted, why they did it, how they sold them to us, when we internalized them and, most importantly, what alternative social models we have forgotten in the process.

Please – for the book’s sake as much as my own – consider pre-ordering from one of the distributors listed below.


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