Loose Ends

Here’s stuff I’ve been meaning to tell you about but haven’t made the time.

Our good friend Propaganda is at it again. He’s made some deep posts here and on the forums – thought you’d be interested in what he actually does on his own time.

I’m speaking at the Personal Democracy Forum at the end of June in NYC. This should be an interesting conference – but it costs. With any luck there will be a simulcast of some kind. I will push for that. Mark Pesce will be in town, so let’s try to force him to go out with us.

A rare – and maybe my last voluntary synagogue talk – for the Sutton Place Synagogue on the evening of June 8. An old friend used to officiate there, so I relented. Every brush with organized Judaism pushes me further towards the Brights, so enter at your own risk.

I met a very cool guy, Alan Gershenfeld, who is doing some bottom-up, decentralized business experimentation, including Filmaid International, which shows giant-screen movies to refugee camps in Africa, and a company that lets inner-city kids create T-shirt businesses for way way cheaper than Cafe Press. I’ll be writing about him in my next book.

Which I better get back to.