Many Thoughts

Sorry I haven’t been posting very much. Many things going on in my life and professionally that are keeping me on the road and offline.

My backlogged thoughts in no particular order:

I am writing Program or Be Programmed as a book. I will be done soon. Weeks, not months. Recent events in the Facebook and Apple universes have convinced me more than ever that programming is our era’s equivalent of literacy. Whether corporations are controlling the direction of technology, or whether technology is an emergent entity doing this on its own, our only option is to participate in its unfolding by participating in its programming.

On the terror front, I do not understand why the Times Square Bomber required funding.

Obama recently told a college audience that they’re being distracted by their iPads, and that they need to become aware of who is programming the devices they use. He is right.

I have a busy travel schedule coming up and will do my best to get it posted on this site. I desperately need a redesign and can barter if you are interested.

Next appointment is here. I will be back soon.