As long as comments are down and this will be a broadcast-only blog until Monday when Dan figures out how I screwed it up, my main interactive forum will be the Media-Squatters mailing list.

You’re all welcome to join that conversation, which, since 1998, has been a terrific resource and community for me and others interested in media, values, and communication. It’s also a better and faster way of getting a question answered than just emailing me.

And now that comments have been down and the mailing list has been my main interactive forum (other than the Open Source Judaism, Club Zero-G, and student BBS’s I’m supposed to be either moderating or participating in but haven’t had the time, lately) I’m coming again to appreciate the different qualities of different forums. The mailing list conversation feels a bit more like a community – partly because it’s easier to block spam, but mainly because it doesn’t feel as ‘out in the open’ as a web page.

I invite you to try it out, even if just to feel the difference. I’m never redundant between this blog and that list, and it’s been 99.4% Spam Free since inception. I’ve also got an announcements list called Media-Squat, which is more of one-way announcement of talks and illegal distribution of columns before they’re published in magazines – never more than once a month.