Miami Herald names Life Inc ‘best of 2010’

Miami Herald book reviewer Richard Pachter takes “a look back at the best business books of 2009” and does me a great honor while providing a terrific summary of my intentions:

Life Inc.: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take it Back. Douglas Rushkoff. Random House. 304 pages. 6/15/09

The “operating system” behind the world’s economies and monetary systems is flawed and antithetical to productivity and most other human values. Greed, avarice and (unenlightened) self-interest flourish. So do artificial scarcity, perpetual debt and empty allegiance to the slogans and logos of oppressive corporations. A less elegant and gifted writer might have produced a dour and plodding polemic against materialism and consumerist culture, but Rushkoff’s persuasive prose is a pleasure.