My Business Manifesto

On the eve of the paperback publication of Life Inc, as well as to show businesses why understanding the biases of digital media outlined in Program or Be Programmed might be worth an hour of their time, here’s a brief manifesto explaining exactly why commerce and business changed with the advent of the net, and what they should do about it: The Era of Jack Welch is Over – Create Real Value Now, or Perish.

I can’t make it any simpler than this, and it should take about 5 minutes to get through. I’m not sure why I should want to save any of their sorry asses at this point, but there are still people out there who actually want their companies to live beyond next quarter, and for better reasons than cashing out.

Yes, the net has changed business as profoundly as anything since central banking. But instead of seizing the opportunity, most businesses are still so addicted to the old way of doing things that they do the very opposite: they use the net to entrench themselves even further into the Industrial Age landscape that is fast disappearing.