My First Review

Here’s the first review of Get Back in the Box from the mainstream press. This, and the groundswell from my personal email list in response to my heartfelt request for people to support the book’s publication, have really restored my faith in what I’m trying to do here.

Get Back in the Box: Innovation from the Inside Out by Douglas Rushkoff (Collins, 316 pages, $23.95). This book, says its author, is “aimed at business people.” Which shouldn’t stop a living soul from profitably eavesdropping on the thoughts of one of the most stimulating and brilliant “idea men” around (i.e. generators of light in a world of lengthening shadows). Here is a book that begins: “There is no Next Big Thing. In fact, the more things change, the better opportunity you have to stay the same” and goes on from there.

If there is nothing, at the moment, more radical than thinking clearly in public, Rushkoff is one of the great living radicals in the Age of Information, where we all now live in “a world with no discernible mainstream.” Renaissances, he insists, are “literally the rebirth of old ideas and values in a new context.”

There really is something bracing and insightful on every page here.

Read this book. And, if you can afford to, give it to every boss or manager you know.

— Jeff Simon