My Narrative Lab

So, both for fun and in my ongoing effort to find a university homebase, I’m going to teach a course called Narrative Lab at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program next semester. You have to be in the program to take it, but I’ll try to keep some component online for the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, though, here’s an example of me actually doing interactive narrative – and a newspaper writer, from the Guardian (of course), who seems to totally grok what it is we’re after:

But a Vancouver-based studio named Smoking Gun Interactive may be about to merge the worlds of console and alternative reality gaming into one experimental new form. The team has yet to announce a name for the project – its codename is currently X, and there’s an intriguing online preview named, Exoriare, a title drawn from Virgil’s ‘Exoriare aliquis nostris ex ossibus ultor’ – let an avenger arise from my bones.