National Association of Media Literacy Education

Their full name is a mouthful, but NAMLE is the link I send out more than any other. That’s because the email I get more commonly than any other is the one from educators looking for ways of teaching media literacy – especially new media literacy.

It’s a large part of the reason I made my new book so small and screenage-friendly: I wanted to create a book that not only informs adults about the biases of digital media, but also provides a basis in digital media literacy for high school and college kids. If you teach a media studies class and need something short and sweet looking at the biases of digital media, please consider using this text. It is accessible, relevant, and it really does start great conversations.

NAMLE agreed, and has honored me not only by making me an advisory board member, but also by featuring Program or Be Programmed on their site, as well as a podcast interview with me about new media literacy. The publisher has also given NAMLE members a 10% discount.