New Blog

I’ll be closing out this blog and moving over to an open source something-or-other in the next weeks.

I’ll also use this occasion to change the content, here. Although I’ve usually made it a rule not to post anything personal here, I let that slip recently, sharing my thoughts and feelings after being mugged on my front stoop. I see that this was mistake, as it ends up making this space more about me than about whatever it is I have to contribute. And it also makes my family vulnerable to the anonymous personal jabs that constitute unmoderated discussion these days.

There are enough personal narrative blogs out there to fill an Internet, so I’m not worried about hurting the supply. Meanwhile, sharing personal information just gives more fodder to those who tend to turn all discussions into personal attacks. I remember a while ago, my suggestion that putting ads on a blog makes the blogger vulnerable to market forces ended up leading to long tirades about the fact that I take money for writing books. And while that’s quite a non-starter (my books are certainly vulnerable to market forces), my using this space for anything personal leaves the discussions open to such digressions.

See you on the other side.