Omega in alpha

I’m doing a workshop of some kind at the Omega Institute in a few weeks, along with Howard Bloom, Paul Laffoley, Richard Metzger, and Grant Morrison, all under the general Disinformation umbrella.

The description on the Omega site explains that the weekend “offers us a rare chance to interact with a disparate, yet thematically cohesive group of “out-of-the-box”thinkers, and discover creative new strategies for navigating the zeitgeist of the new millennium.”

Sounds fine, but what do you think I should do? I believe we’ll each be given a two hour slot to make whatever mayhem we choose. Paul Laffoley will show some of his art, Howard Bloom will make a speech about some wonderfully apocalyptic scenario, no doubt. Grant will probably explain how to make a sigil (how to do magick, basically).

I’d love to raise the dead or take everyone into an alternative dimension, but neither is in my bag of tricks at the moment. I could go political, spiritual, technological, media… My hope would be to demonstrate the principles of ‘open source reality’ rather than simply talking about them.

So – if you were coming to such a thing, what would you want to do with me for two hours?