One more talk, then a book launch

I’m giving my last pre-publication talk about Program or Be Programmed, at the Dumbo Arts Festival this weekend – Sunday, September 26th, St Ann’s Warehouse, 38 Water Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn, 4pm followed by a great panel from the comics writers and artists of, and then a party.

Next week, I begin guest blogging at and the new book will be released on Wednesday night. That’s when the 15% pre-order discount goes away. The book is ONLY available through – which is why you can get it for half of what it would cost had I released it through a traditional publisher. More on that in a piece I wrote for Arthur magazine, which should be posted next week as well.

Also working on a little web film about the book – but I’m not sure how important those little web films are. The Life Inc film was terrific, I think (thanks to filmmaker Janine Saunders) but that was a nine-minute movie that pretty much substituted for the book in most cases. I’m wondering if I should make a little film, or just grab a great clip from a talk that explains why this book matters. These little web films have become an obligatory promotional ritual which is why I’m thinking to rebel and not even do one.