Please help me create a new title!

I’m working on a new version of the book Nothing Sacred, for paperback. I’m adjusting a lot of things to make it less severe, and more consistent with some of what I’ve learned in the past year or two about Judaism’s better offerings. (They’re harder to find, but they exist!)

Most importantly, I want to change the subtitle, “The Truth About Judaism” to something that sounds less like I’ve figured out the answer. This wasn’t my intent – I meant it more as “I’m gonna tell the truth, here, about Judaism, including all the awful child sacrifice stuff, and the problem we have relating properly to Israel, etc., so that we can get beyond our current level of conversation”.

So, here are some subtitles I’ve thought of. Anybody have any ideas? I’ll be glad to credit you in the acknowledgments with having thought it up, and send you an autographed copy saying the same…

Doing Judaism to Judaism

Judaism Beyond Race, Religion and Tribe

Telling the Truth About Judaism

A Jewish Take on Religion

Judaism After Religion

Negotiating Judaism’s Truth

Reviving the Jewish Conversation

Can We Talk About Judaism?

Judaism for Lapsed Jews

How Lapsed Jews Might Keep Judaism Alive

Judaism’s Path Beyond Religion