The Guardian: Douglas Rushkoff on why tech billionaires are in escape mode

Rushkoff explains why he believes the recent tech reckoning is corrective justice for Silicon Valley barons.

Wired: Doug Rushkoff is Ready to Renounce the Digital Revolution

An in-depth profile about Douglas Rushkoff's intellectual journey by Malcolm Harris.

Human After All: Finding The Others

Algorithms, AI, and surveillance capitalism are colonizing the human mind and it’s time for us to resist by rising to the occasion of our own humanity.

Douglas Rushkoff Questions Technology

Douglas Rushkoff doesn’t mince words about how technology, in his view, has been wrongly manipulated over the past two decades to fit the needs of a voracious stock market.


Douglas Rushkoff featured in a Seth Kushner Photocomix profiles.

How’d the present get so tense?

How do we encourage an open, vibrant world without being driven crazy?

Game or be gamed: Douglas Rushkoff on prototyping democracy through play

Can gameplay bring a new society out of beta?

Motherboard TV: Douglas Rushkoff in Real Life

For someone who likes to talk about the virtues of disconnecting, the media critic Douglas Rushkoff seems surprisingly always on.

Exclusive: Internet was never free or open and never will be, media studies prof. says

If Americans want a truly free network, ‘we’ve got to build it from scratch’...

An old-fashioned kind of geek

In the early 90s he helped to shape the internet. Now Douglas Rushkoff is back - with a plan to wrest control from our big corporations. Bobbie Johnson meets him...

Escape plans of the rich and famous

"Douglas Rushkoff argues that Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and other tech moguls intend to separate themselves from the rest of humanity."

Cyber: Escape Fantasies of the Tech Billionaires

Rushkoff joins Vice's CYBER Podcast to discuss Survival of the Richest.

Duncan Trussell Family Hour Ep. 522: Douglas Rushkoff

Douglas Rushkoff, author and one of MIT's top 10 most influential intellectuals in the world, re-joins the DTFH!

In ‘Survival of the Richest,’ author Douglas Rushkoff examines the escape plans of the tech elite

On this episode of On Point, Douglas Rushkoff discusses his latest book, Survival of the Richest.

Calling in “Team Human” to Combat the Maladies of Digital Media

An in-depth look at how Team Human can combat the coercive practices of digital and surveillance media.

Why Tech is Tearing Us Apart

Douglas Rushkoff to discuss why technology which once brought us together is now tearing us apart.

Making Sense with Sam Harris – Digital Capitalism

In this episode Sam Harris speaks with Douglas Rushkoff about the state of the digital economy.

Under The Skin #72 The Tribe VS The Algorithm: Can We Ever Be Free Again? (with Douglas Rushkoff)

Russell Brand and Rushkoff discuss new media, philosophy, and how technology impacts our lives.

Human Beings Are The Solution

Rushkoff makes the case for human beings in a society affected by technology's impact on daily life.

Does This Make My Customer Rich? Business Tips for the Future Steady-State Economy

Rushkoff argues that the free market isn't written in stone and illustrates a path to a more resilient, human way of doing business.

Why People Throw Rocks: A Big Tech Takedown

Douglas Rushkoff finds examples of Bay Area frustration throughout the country, where tech companies are growing at all costs—to the detriment, he believes, of CEOs, employees, and communities.

The Malfunctioning Tech Economy

An interview with the Guardian on the malfunctioning tech economy, digital detoxes and why Facebook is unhygenic.


SXSW interview with Rushkoff on' Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus'

Global Ethics Forum- A Conversation with Douglas Rushkoff

Video interview with Douglas Rushkoff as part of the Carnnegie Council on Ethics, Global Ethics Forum.

Bloomberg Media Interview

Douglas Rushkoff interviewed by Bloomberg Radio

The Joe Rogan Experience #364 with Douglas Rushkoff

Douglas Rushkoff interviewed by Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience

Techcrunch with Rushkoff – Keen On…

Video interview with Douglas Rushkoff by Andrew Keen...

Brain Jazz: A Mind-Jam with Jason Silva and Douglas Rushkof

Two leading visionaries take us on a trip to the edge of technology, reality and humanity.

CSPAN Book TV Interview with Douglas Rushkoff

Rushkoff talks about Present Shock on CSPAN2...

An Interview with Douglas Rushkoff

A look at what works and what doesn't as Industrial Age corporations learn how to function in the Digital Age.

Present Shock Blows Stephen Colbert’s Mind

Douglas Rushkoff on the Colbert Report discussing Present Shock, 2013.

One on One: Douglas Rushkoff on Everything Happening Now

Instead of a contemplative paradise, the marriage of networked technology and capitalism tortures our consciousness with an incessant, demanding present.

Not planning for the future? Perhaps you are in ‘present shock’

When you're living in a very urgent present, swimming in a flood of tweets and status updates and a 24/7 news cycle, the future can lose priority.

Douglas Rushkoff On ‘Present Shock’

Tom Ashbrook interview Douglas Rushkoff on his book Present Shock.

The Facebook IPO on CNN

CNN’s News Room asks Rushkoff what to make of Facebook’s IPO.

Does America Really Need More Jobs?

All the fixation on creating jobs in America is outdated and misguided, argues media theorist and author Douglas Rushkoff.

Program or be Programmed: Q & A with Douglas Rushkoff

As we shuffle in this morning, we're all gathering on a plane of electrons, held together by...

Rushkoff on the Colbert Report: 2009

Douglas Rushkoff talks about his book Life Inc. on the Colbert Report, 2009.


Until recently, media and technology guru Douglas Rushkoff believed that we should let technology develop at its own pace and in its own way…

Brian Lehrer Show Interview

Douglas Rushkoff interviewed on the Brian Lehrer Show in 1996

Survival of the Richest

"Numbing and mind-blowing in equal measure, Survival of the Richest reveals how tech billionaires are planning to survive a global apocalypse."

A manifesto for connecting personally in a tech-dominated world

Joining Team Human means prioritizing the social, transcending a digital inclination and connecting as humans.

‘Team Human’ Stresses That The Future Lies In Connection And Cooperation

There are many ways to create the future. Human beings can intervene in the machine.

Douglas Rushkoff Rocks The Google Bus

In Throwing Rocks At The Google Bus, Rushkoff begins with some powerful truth telling.

Does This Make My Customers Rich? Business Tips For The Future Steady-State Economy

In Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus, media theorist Douglas Rushkoff argues that the free market isn't written in stone.

Review: Our Computers, Ourselves — Living With Present Shock

Tech President's Micah Sifry Goes Deep on Present Shock

New America Foundation: Our Everything-Now-All-the-Time World

Kirsten Berg reviews 'Present Shock' for the New America Foundation.

The Future Isn’t A Book, It’s A Video Game

Morgan Clendaniel reviews 'Present Shock' for FastCompany...

Suffering from ‘fractalnoia’? There may be no cure

Back in the BlackBerry’s heyday, a new habit in restaurants became known as the “BlackBerry prayer.” Those at the table would hold their BlackBerrys in their laps...

Out of Time: The Sins of Immediacy

Janet Maslin reviews ‘Present Shock’ by Douglas Rushkoff

Douglas Rushkoff’s Present Shock: The End Of Time Is Not The End Of The World

Review of Present Shock in Forbes Magazine by Anthony Wing Kosner.


Douglas Rushkoff is a dreamer. His ‘vision of the night’ is one of himself surfing on the great ocean of Jewish history, mythology, theology and commentary.