Quick Update

Wife and child at the town pool. I’ve got time for a brief update.

I just finished the first draft of my next book, now tentatively called “Life Incorporated” (and before that called “Corporatized.”) Now I’m working full time and hard on an overdue graphic novel for Vertigo, to be announced shortly.

The fourth and final volume of my comic series Testament will be out the second week of August. That same week, I’ll be speaking in Las Vegas at a meta-meeting about meetings.

I am going to teach one course in the Fall at NYU/ITP, but it’s only open to ITP students and it’s already filled. In October, though, I should be teaching another online course at MaybeLogicAcademy, looking at the issues in my new book and what to do about them. That course will then, hopefully, spill over once it’s done onto the “corporatized” bbs on this site.

I’m doing a big lecture in NYC, for free, at the Princeton Club, on November 14. It’s the annual Korzybski Lecture for the Institute of General Semantics (a big name for a lot of the stuff we talk about here: awareness, agency, communication, coercive language and systems). It’s pretty far out in the future, but there’s a symposium of some kind the next day that I’ll be at – and there’s not so many free events where I get to speak and interact with people to this extent. So it might be worth the trip and I wanted to give some advance notice.

A text version of my recent talk, below, at the Personal Democracy Forum is now available at TheEdge.

Okay – back to work.