RadioBottomUp is On

Due to a scheduling glitch, I’ll only be appearing on the second half of a new radio project that I’ll eventually be hosting on a regular basis.

It will be taking place on Wednesday, November 5, at 7pm Eastern. We’re calling the show “Radio Bottom Up,” and it will be broadcast out of Point Reyes, California, on NPR affiliate KWMR. I’ll be calling in from home around 7:30pm.

It will also be available through stream at

The studio only has two lines and no Skype capability, so my original plan for a free-for-all call-in format will have to wait until I hit WFMU and BlogTalkRadio in the spring will a more fully developed concept. But for now, Robin Gianattassio-Malle and I will be doing the show as a “call out” and inviting some of our best friends and greatest heroes to talk to via telephone about their thoughts, hopes and dreams moving forward post-election.

Currently, confirmed guests include Paul Krassner, RU Sirius, Ari Wallach, and Legba Carrefour.

While you can’t call in, you can chime in via the RadioBottomUp Category on the discussion forums here at I’ll endeavor to participate in the “live” conversation during the broadcast.

The point of the whole program, as well as this particular one-off broadcast, is to look at new possibilities for bottom-up, community-directed, decidedly local, or otherwise decentralized progress. My premise is that much of the world we accept as given circumstances is actually much closer to an open source proposition. By talking to people who are cracking and rewriting the codes by which we live, transact, and govern, we can model some powerfully new behaviors and strategies to make our world a better place.

We’ll also make a podcast available shortly after the broadcast.