Re-Public Interview

I happened upon a website about “re-imagining democracy” called Re-Public that features a recent, short, interview I gave to Pavlos Hatzopolous.

P.H.: Why should we be optimistic about our renaissance? Even though it is characterised by the creation of networks, collaboration, and sharing, these, on could argue, might be used for all sorts of different purposes.

D.R.: They are used for different purposes, all the time. I don’t know that I’m particularly optimistic, myself. But I do think there’s a value in being able to visualize positive, creative scenarios. If we can’t even envision an alternative to the faceless fascism in which we’ve found ourselves, I don’t see any way out of it. By beginning to believe that there might be steps we can take to begin the long hard road back to consciousness and compassion, we bring this journey into the realm of possibility.

And I’d rather live in a world where a reduction in pain, suffering, and stupidity is at least possible.