Readers’ Choice and Open Invitation

As a way to promote the release and, more importantly, the ideas in my upcoming book, Get Back in the Box, I’m going to do a bunch of previews and related articles.

What I’m wondering is, what would you most like to see?

I’m happy to break whatever the official rules are, and put a bunch of excerpts of the book up here. Say, ten installments of a thousand or so words each? That’d get through the Introduction, which holds the “big idea” of the book. Then we could discuss them in the comments.

Or I could do a series of new pieces related to the ideas of the book – tying them to some more topical events.

Which would you prefer? I’d think the former, my publisher thinks the latter (then again, they’re trying to protect what they see as the value of the book.)

I’ll also be doing a series of audio recordings for – I’m thinking to combine some readings from the book with some conversations and interviews.

Does anyone have a preference as to what I do, any special requests, or any interest in being part of this effort? I could send you an advance version of the book, and you could do a review, a related article, or a musing right here. Or maybe you want to have an audio discussion for the Odeo thing?