Review Copies of My Next Book

This is unorthodox, but what the heck? I’d rather do some “pull” media than all that “push” stuff.

My next book, Life Incorporated: How we traded meaning for markets, society for self-interest, and citizenship for customer service, will be published by Randomhouse in June 2009. We are assembling a reviewers’ copies list now. (Reviewers are journalists who write book reviews for publications.)

While I can’t promise anything, if you email me your name, address, and print/radio/web/tv/blog affiliation, I will put you on the list to get a galley. Press galleys cost a whole lot more than actual books, so if you are simply a reader who wants a copy but can’t afford it, email me and I’ll get something else to you – worst case, a PDF or something.

email your
to rushkoff at