I haven’t had time to post, lately. I’m being swamped by the kinds of life challenges that most bloggers use their space to write about. Read any of them and assume I’m somewhere in the same boat.

The new Testament collection is doing really well, though, and getting some great reviews. Here’s two of my favorites so far, one from Silver Bullet” and both an Interview and Review at Undress Me Robot.

From Silverbullet:

“This is a brilliant mind writing a comic book that will cause you to question your perceptions and opinions, making it a must read for those brave enough to meet the challenge.”

From Undress Me Robot:

Grade: A “Trust in an audience is a thing mostly lost with writers these days, especially comic writers, and I appreciate the fact that someone isn’t assuming his readers are complete idiots.”

And, finally, Liam Sharp is getting some of the recognition he deserves, as well:

“As for Liam Sharp, what can I say? He took my breath away with some of the spreads he drew up throughout these first five issues. The last two pages of Issue #4 were mind-blowing in execution, as your eyes take in the fire and mists that surround a battlefield filled with soldiers new and old, facing giant golems or arachnid-looking rejects from War of the Worlds.”