Reviews, previews, and interviews are beginning to trickle in from some interesting corners of the net.

Here’s one from Being Reasonable, a site ostensibly about marketing ideas, but actually a bit more about media and messaging. I spoke with the author, Marc Babej, at some length, and he’s got a similar outlook on the current landscape as I do – even if we do come from opposite perspectives. Ultimately, I find that more encouraging than scary.

Here’s one from our own Michael Szul on the “occulture” site, Key 23. I say “our own” because he’s a frequent visitor and active contributor to the conversations here and on the media-squatters list. He definitely gets the book, as well as why someone like me might have written it.

And here’s Kris Krug’s interview with me – done last spring when I was still finishing the galley proofs. It’s a good one both because Kris has a deep understanding of the kinds of things I write and think about – and because I was still so fresh from the writing process.

And finally, for the Podcast set, here’s a new one with me from SmallWorld.