RU Sirius Interview

Here is RU Sirius interviewing me about my new book for his Neophiles radio show.

And here’s a podcast with Small World.

As for excerpts, I feel kind of done with them. I may post another one, but at this point I’m thinking it would be smarter to post new short pieces – blog posts – sharing ideas related to the book and other work. It’s really a lesson from Get Back in the Box: everything tends to work best in the medium for which it was intended.

Oddly enough, I’m finding the ideas from the book work better in the book. That’s why they’re part of a book! In other words, text isn’t always transferrable from one medium into another. Different media have different biases, and are suited to different styles of rhetoric. While it’s fun to share some text from the book, here, I think it’s more important to share some ideas from the book. And that means translating them from that medium into this one.

While it may not seems like as a big a step, it’s almost as different as writing for the stage and writing for film. They just work differently.

Meanwhile, the book is “on sale” as of next Tuesday. If you really want a copy and can’t afford one and simply can’t get to the library to borrow one, let me know and I’ll get one to you – at least as a PDF or something close to the finished version. But if you can afford even the trip to the library to request they buy one for you to borrow, I’d appreciate it greatly.