Rushkoff and Pinchbeck

I never did post the link to this bookstore discussion I had with Daniel Pinchbeck last month, taped by David Lamphier of Spiral Media in Motion.

It’s a strange discussion – and while it may not require a whole lot of prior knowledge, it’s still a bit specialized in its subject matter: the appropriate use of prophecy in our time. I see prophecy as allegory, while Daniel and some portion of the audience see the visions experienced in altered states (such as the DMT trip) as real communications from external consciousnesses.

We also get onto the topic of whether focusing on a date in the future – in this case, the notorious 2012 – is useful and real, or an excuse to avoid the present.

But, like I say, this is a pretty roundabout conversation, and probably more interesting for the styles of engagement than the content itself.