Rushkoff Live in NYC

Before I hunker down and get started on my next book (and comic, and documentary) I’m going to do one last live free public event in New York City – both to download the last thoughts on my current projects (Testament, Get Back in the Box), share where I’m going with my next projects (a book on “Corporatism,” a new column in Discover magazine, and an as-yet unannounced comic). I hope it also makes up for the fact that I haven’t been teaching, anymore.

So officially, this is a talk and signing about Testament – but I hope we can also talk about censorship, radicalization, whether the American Jewish Committees were right to blame me (and some other writers, including Tony Kushner) for the future extinction of the Jewish people, and the ways our media and currency may be responsible for keeping us utterly trapped in a “scarcity” model of life. I’m also particularly interested in the way we seem incapable of siezing on the promise of our new media, whenever they come around.

(We can even talk about what it’s like to get mugged in front of your apartment, and then again online by people afraid that their property values will be challenged if too many people find out…)

This should be a small gathering because I don’t think there’s been any publicity for it other than this post – and that’s not a bad thing, because it means we can have a real conversation.

FEBRUARY 28, 7pm