Rushkoff on the Colbert Report

This is it: I’m doing The Colbert Report Wednesday, July 15, 11:30pm on Comedy Central, repeated the next day in earlier time slots. Check your local listings, or watch the segment on the show’s website.

I have to admit this is the one media appearance I’m a little nervous about. Not that Colbert is an unfriendly host. He’s really one of us, pretending to be one of “them.” The trick is to remember that he’s actually drawing out a guest’s best arguments by playing the enemy. (As one of the producers told me, “pretend you’re speaking to an eight-year-old.”)

But he plays the part well – so well, in fact, that he often wins debates even against his own left-leaning version of the Colbert character. Conversations can also quickly devolve into an argument over a single issue as Colbert mines it for comedic potential. This can make for great entertainment, but can also prevent the guest from getting out his main and most important points.

I’m making a list of talking points (that I’ll surely forget once I’m actually on) but I welcome you to share the arguments you think most need to be heard. I’ll do my best to weave them in.