Rushkoff on Today Show

I’m going to be on the Today Show this Thursday morning, July 6.

I don’t know when, but I do know it’s part of a segment about advertising, that closely follows the argument we made at the beginning of the documentary The Persuaders.

As you’ll see on the show, I need a haircut. But that’s because we just moved to a new apartment, my wife and baby were both sick, and I haven’t had time for personal grooming.

Also, I’m anxious to see how well I’ve parlayed the appearance into a selling opportunity for my book, Get Back in the Box. I never do a proper job of what these appearance are really supposed to be about for an author. I get all caught up in communicating something of value to the viewing audience, and lose track of the fact that these morning news programs are really not informational in nature. They are commercials.

Funny – no matter how much I may understand about advertising, I still have trouble actually doing it. I just feel that the airtime is too valuable an opportunity to waste on self-promotion.

I know that’s a good thing on some level. But tell that to the landlord.