Secret 35% discount off my new book

The readers of BoingBoing just got a special from my publisher – 20% off the price of my new book. If you combine that with the 15% off people get for pre-ordering the book, it comes to a whopping 35% off. Ahh, the joys of independent publishing.

I figured readers deserve the same break.

The e-book starts at a price of $10. 15% off makes it 8.50, and another 20% makes it $6.80. Likewise, the hard copy starts at $16. With the two discounts, it is $10.88.

They won’t repeat these discounts; and they both run out shortly after the book is published Wednesday night.

So please go to http://orbooks/our-books/program to order this independently published book right now – to help me, my publisher, and the two charities to which I’m donating 10% of my proceeds: WikiMedia Foundation and Just put the word BOING in the discount code box in the final ordering window.

I’ll remove this post on Friday, so as not to discourage those who missed it.