Sudden Impact

Got hit by a car, today. It kinda pissed me off.

I was crossing the street at a green light, in the official pedestrian crosswalk, and a car making a left turn hit me in the hip. I managed to throw my legs up so I ended up on the hood of the car instead of breaking in two.

An elderly man was driving, and his passenger, apparently his wife, was screaming horrified. I got off the hood and made my way to the sidewalk, but the car just drove off.

A nice yoga girl touched my shoulder, asked if I was okay, and complimented my evasive maneuver, “nice move.”

I’m a little achey but there’s nothing wrong – I figure if I had true internal damage there’d be real pain. The body works like that. All in all, I don’t feel any worse than if I got whacked hard by a shopping cart.

But what makes me want to cry just a bit is the fact that the drivers just took off. Were they so scared I’d sue? Or hurt them if they got out of the car?

Is there a Honku for getting hit by a car?