Team Blog?

My senses may be colored by the fact that I’m a bit more busy than I should be – but I can’t help feeling that blogging is an inefficient medium for an individual. And it may be even less efficient for someone who writes fulltime to maintain a blog, as well.

At least as an individual.

The blog wants content. It’s hungry. If I don’t post one per day, I’m really in violation of the bias of the medium. I know there’s no obligation for someone to do a blog in a particular way, and that it’s perfectly fine to post once or twice a week, the way I’ve been doing.

But it’s not efficient for the readers who must ping the blog in order to find out whether or not I’ve added anything new. I thought newsreaders would solve this problem, but they haven’t caught on with my blog visitors as much as I had anticipated, and they don’t really allow for so much comments/interaction.

Rather than be “pulled” by the blog to contribute more than wants to come out naturally, I think it’d be smarter for me to join a blogging team – a group of people who, between them, would end up posting at least one new thing every day.

So, that’s what I’m going to seek out.