Team Human: Automated, Embedded, and… Objective?

Did you know parole and sentencing algorithms are just as racist as the people who program them? Gives a whole new meaning to “machine learning”:

Playing for Team Human this week, interdisciplinary thinker and emerging philosopher of technology Damien Williams. Williams and Rushkoff look at the embedded biases of technology and the values programed into our mediated lives. How has a conception of technology as “objective” blurred our vision to the biases normalized within these systems? What ethical interrogation might we apply to such technology? And finally, how might alternative modes of thinking, such as magick, the occult, and the spiritual help us to bracket off these systems for pause and critical reflection? This conversation serves as a call to vigilance against runaway systems and the prejudices they amplify.

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Rushkoff begins today’s show with a story from home. A well-meaning school administrator begins using social media to promote his school, posting pictures of students and classroom activities. As parents become upset, the question arises: Why is it so easy to lose sight of the design and purpose behind these platforms?

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