Team Human: In Our Backyards

Joining Douglas on his Team Human podcast today is Erin Barnes co-founder of ioby. Ioby (in our backyards) is a “crowd-resourcing” platform for citizen-led, neighborhood-focused projects. Rather than just raise money, ioby mobilizes civic engagement by putting resources in the hands of local leaders who want to steward positive change in their neighborhoods.

Erin shares with Douglas how ioby harnesses the power of solidarity and real world connection. In doing so, ioby not only ignites civic participation, but also flips the script on the NIMBY mentality (not in my backyard). Ioby demonstrates the positive potential of local communities playing an active role in shaping public spaces and creating public good.

Opening today’s show, Rushkoff looks at the reversal of subject and object, figure and ground. Have we lost perspective on the two? Listen here:

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