Team Human: Counterculture Reversal, Subverting the Machine, Keeping It Local

Playing for Team Human today, a double header of people trying to effect real cultural change in very different ways. Up first is cultural anthropologist, host of the 2 Dope Boys podcast, and consultant Philip McKenzie. Philip makes the case for injecting corporate america with the values of social justice by subverting the machine from within. Following Philip is founder of Front Porch Forum, Michael Wood-Lewis. Michael shows us how the net can be used to turn residents back into neighbors. It’s a story about the transformative power of witnessing everyday acts of neighborliness.

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Douglas opens this special double feature episode with a monologue on the reversal of culture and counter culture and a unique perspective on the importance of “finding the others,” – not just those like-minded “others” but even those with whom we may disagree.

This show features intro music sampled from Fugazi’s “Foreman’s Dog” courtesy of Dischord Records. Musical interludes include new, unreleased music from Herkimer Diamonds courtesy of Majestic Litter: also heard a sampled loop from Episode 31 guest and Mondo 2000 creator, R.U. Sirius, “United” by Throbbing Gristle, check out Episode 67 guest, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. Closing music is thanks to Mike Watt.

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