Team Human ep. 187: Jeremy Lent

Author of The Patterning Instinct and The Web of Meaning, Jeremy Lent helps us see through to the meaning that informs our science so that it can be used to embrace the paradox of our existence, rather than reducing it down to a form suitable only for exploitation.

In his monologue, Rushkoff explores how well-natured attempts to improve language will almost always fall short because of the underlying structure of the language we use. “We must also accept that language is just another medium that will almost always fail to say what we truly mean.”

📚 You can read Rushkoff’s “What if All Language is Oppressive?” on Medium.

📖 The Web of Meaningis available now. It’s an important refutation of the orthodox materialism that is plaguing science and culture. It’s a helpful reminder that those of us experiencing the world as a meaningful place are not the crazy ones.

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