Team Human is Done!

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Team Human, the book, is on its way from the printer’s to the publishers. You, pre-ordering it now, for yourself, your friends or your whole company/organization (if you have one) helps me and the book in all sorts of ways. No, we shouldn’t rework our whole lives to satisfy the algorithms that judge the importance of a book. But front-loading book sales triggers everything from store orders to book reviews. So if you plan to get it, or have a fund you’re allowed to spend on things like this, please do!

It’s a really nice little book – a handbook-size manifesto with no dust jacket. Meant to fit in an activist’s back pocket. I also just recorded the audio book last week. And I really loved reading it, which is rare for me at this moment in the process. This book feels like the culmination of everything I’ve been writing and saying for the past 25 years – and it’s surprising it took only 40,000 words to do it.
Meanwhile, I’ve been recording Team Human episodes and monologues every week for the past 2+ years. This week’s with Chenjerai Kumanyika, is among my favorites. So is the conversation with Stanford prof Fred Turner – about the countercultural roots of digital tech and the need for less dramatic, incremental change than we’re used to. And this one with Nora Bateson about “warm data.”

I’ll be going on a big book tour from late January through March. Highlights will include a Team Human Live at WNYC Greenspace on Feb 4 with Naomi Klein. I’m also doing a Team Human Live with Mark Pesce and Penny Abeywardena at Civic Hall on December 13. Save the dates. Info to follow.
I’ve also been posting articles, essays, and my weekly Team Human monologues on You can find them all here.  Also, the first Team Human interview is up here at Nomad.
I’ll be better about sending messages, articles, and updates over the coming weeks. It’s been doozy of a month on personal and professional levels. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone this winter and spring.