Team Human: Moon Over Matter

Recorded live on June 21st at the Alchemist’s Kitchen NYC in collaboration with Evolver, this evening of conversation focuses on the non-generic quality of time, the way each week of the lunar cycle favors a particular neurotransmitter, and how to leverage this knowledge for better productivity, emotional stability, and social harmony. Rushkoff opens the show offering a new perspective on his ever more relevant Present Shock manifesto.

Joining Douglas on stage and playing for Team Human is Dr. Mark Filippi. Mark has practiced behavioral chiropractic therapy for the last 25 years, and worked as a frequently published clinical researcher and post-graduate instructor. His research has contributed significant new findings to the fields of somatics, memetics, and nonlinear dynamics. Most famous for identifying “the four domains” or human perspectives on the world, Filippi has dedicated himself to uncovering the biological roots of our collective social nervous system. In his practice, writings, and recordings, he helps people relieve their social stress, achieve coherence, and become better acquainted with their inner selves.

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