Team Human: Music for Aliens and Live in San Francisco!

Come hear Douglas host live Team Human conversations this week in San Francisco!  Join us on February 16 and 17 at Gray Area Foundation located at the historic Grand Theater in the Mission District.

Find out what, if anything, makes people different than machines, and how we can fight back against the stultifying effects of digital capitalism run amok. This is the first live gathering of Team Human, our last, best hope for peeps.

Ticket Info:
Please purchase the ticket for the date you wish to attend. Tickets are $20 per night or $30 for both nights. Ages 18+ to enter and 21+ to drink.

Friday, February 16th, 6pm – 9pm
Howard Rheingold: amplifying minds and pioneering the net
Annalee Newitz: author of Autonomous, founder if i09

Saturday, February 17th, 6pm – 9pm
Erik Davis: author of Techgnosis, scholar of esoteric mysticism
Lauren McCarthy: artist exploring social and interactive systems
Josette Melchor: Founder and Executive Director of Gray Area

Music for Aliens

Check out this week’s episode of Team Human; an inspiring conversation with friend and 2018 Grammy Award winner David Pescovitz about music, art, science, and hope for the future:

Show Notes:

Playing for Team Human today is journalist, Boing Boing editor, Institute for the Future research director and recent Grammy Award Winning record producer David Pescovitz. Douglas spoke to David just days before he won the Grammy, with collaborators Tim Daly and Lawrence Azerrad, for best boxed or special limited-edition package for The Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition. The Voyager vinyl is an incredible artifact to hold and hear. The original Voyager Golden Records were launched on board the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft in 1977. Today these phonograph records are floating in interstellar space on Voyager 1 and at the edge of our solar system on Voyager 2. The records contain greetings, messages of peace, recordings of the “Sounds of Earth,” as well as an arresting collection of music from across the globe. The Voyager project continues to resonate as both a time capsule and a beacon of hope. Pescovitz, Daly, and Azerrad’s meticulously sourced and documented 40th Anniversary vinyl release pays homage to the wonder and hopeful spirit that animates this space project. On today’s show, Pescovitz and Rushkoff talk about the creation of these incredible artifacts.

Find the Voyager Golden Record 40th Anniversary Edition at Pescovitz’s Ozmarecords. You can also learn more about the Voyager project here.

Check out these amazing photos of the making of this 40th Anniversary Edition:

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