Team Human: New Episodes and Live Show!

Did you catch last week’s Team Human conversation with author, occcult scholar, and wizard Jason Louv?

Jason helps us to see how the intentions we bring into the world of artificial intelligence could set something in motion from which it is hard to return. Jason’s latest book John Dee and the Empire of Angels: Enochian Magick and the Occult Roots of Empire digs deep into the untold and often ignored occult history of Western thinking and empire. On today’s show Jason and Douglas bridge the gap from the Elizabethan esoteric imaginary to the modern day alchemical thinking driving our technologies.

Plus a new Rushkoff monologue: Blockchain can transactionalize our every action. Is that the future we want? All human activity put on the books?

And previously, Douglas talked with Juho Makkonen of Sharetribe. Juho offers real sharing economy solutions beyond the typical extractive “sharing” models that have come to dominate the tech economy landscape.

Episode 86 opens with a thought provoking monologue. Do we need a new myth? Or should we just crash mythology itself?

Team Human Live:

Tickets are now available for the first Team Human live event in New York, June 21st at the Alchemist’s Kitchen in the East Village. Click here for details and tickets :