Team Human: There is no Enemy Team

Just as some Americans fear anyone in a hijab, some progressives now shudder when they go by a house with an American flag over the door. Worse, our knee-jerk reactions to our president’s twitter posts and misdirections makes us so predictable as to be ineffectual: we become utterly incapable of reconciling with the poor confused souls who have surrendered to the fear and hate being fed to them by the irresponsible but well-funded propaganda arms of the Russo-American oligarchy.

Team Human can’t treat the other team as the enemy. It denies us some of the satisfaction of getting to hate the f’ing idiots who – left to their own devices – will surely kill us all. But it’s one we have to learn. Luckily, we’ve got some visionaries like co-founder Richard Bartlett to help us learn to occupy a reality in which forging consensus works and even feels better than a winner-takes-all victory.