Team Human on the Road: Naomi Klein, Amazon, ICE, Russia and More!

February was an intense month of podcasting, live Team Human events, Meetups, book talks and more!

Still Fresh: Naomi Klein!

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This week we continue to feature this eye-opening Team Human conversation with author, journalist, and activist Naomi Klein.

Klein and Rushkoff share a conversation about moving beyond the ideology of individualism. It’s a discussion about what it means, in concrete terms, to forge solidarity with others. Klein finds hope in people’s ability to overcome divides by working together, in common labor, on a common project. One example Klein celebrates is the Green New Deal with its multifaceted and intersectional approach to solving the triple threat of climate crisis, economic inequality, and the surge of racist nationalism. Speaking live on stage at WNYC’s the Greene Space, Klein and Rushkoff make a case for humanizing the universal project of saving our planet. After all, the survival of life on earth is a “big tent” under which we all can and must organize.

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