Team Human serialization begins today on Medium!

The entirety of my latest book, Team Human, is being serialized on Medium, at

That’s right: approximately one section of the manifesto will be published every week for the next 100 weeks. The book was written in 100 aphoristic statements for easy reading and sharing, so getting one per week seems just about the right pace to give everyone something to chew on or even discuss with others who are following along. I’ll be checking the comments sections regularly to answer questions or discuss the issues raised.

Of course, if anyone gets impatient with reading the book one section at a time they are more than welcome to purchase a physical, digital, or audio copy from their favorite bookseller.

Team Human is a manifesto for promoting human autonomy in a world increasingly designed to repress it. It’s meant to help us remember that being human is a team sport. We evolved to collaborate, not to compete. And real science, sociology, and even economics supports this truth.

It’s not too late to make our world hospitable to humanity, and humanity a positive force for this world. Instead of optimizing people for technology or the marketplace, we can optimize technology and the market for human flourishing.

Team Human is a set of arguments to help anyone make a case for promoting human values in business, politics, education, technology, and life. It is important to me that these arguments are accessible and usable by real people right now.

So please accept this offering, come back every Wednesday morning for another dose of pro-human logic, and feel free share the ones that resonate for you with anyone you like. I believe these are ideas worth connecting over.

Find the others.