Team Human: Shareable Cities

Today on Team Human, Neal Gorenflo from joins Douglas on the podcast to spread the word about Shareable’s latest resource, Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban CommonsSharing Cities is an inspiring collection of 137 case studies and policies across a wide spectrum of issues that show how empowered communities are building citizen-run, democratic solutions using commons thinking.

Whether it be the grassroots artist organization Club Cultural Matienzo (CCM) that formed in Buenos Aires to build a cultural commons for the local arts scene in wake of a tragic nightclub fire, or land stewardship activists in Brooklyn reclaiming public space for urban farming and community gardening, Sharing Cities is filled with projects and policies ready to replicated and implemented in your community.

You can Contribute to Shareable for a hard copy or E-Book copy, or download a free pdf of Sharing Cities from 

(the free PDF is bottom right on this page)

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