Team Human: Stacco Troncoso “The Commons is the Glue”

Playing for Team Human today is Stacco Troncoso of the P2P Foundation. Stacco brings with him deep knowledge and enthusiasm for the power of the commons. Stacco and the Commons Transition team put their faith in people, believing in the potential of diverse, empowered communities to address complex problems. Far from a utopian fantasy, P2P offers a wealth of resources including models from groups who have already successfully transitioned to a commons approach in governance, finance, and culture. Stacco and crew have just launched a new Commons Transition Primer, loaded with case studies and beautifully designed research on ways to make the commons transition a reality in your community.

Opening today’s episode, Rushkoff looks at the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. In his “by any means necessary” moment, why does Trump even bother to deny collusion with Russians? And is media’s obsession with the Russia story distracting us from Trump’s dangerous policies and appointments?

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